Monday, October 2, 2017

Day1: Technical Terms

Today being the Day 1 of the 31 days challenge, the prompt given by the Writers write is "Technical Terms."

Now the best thing about the prompts are that we are totally free to interpret those the way we want. So technically, 'Technical Terms' could be used as a word or as a theme. Isn't that cool!

I gave it a thought and my mind took me to use it as a theme in a slightly different manner. To know more, continue reading.

The Photographer's Love

Dear Naina,
         Do you know that your name means 'eyes'. You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Eyes are natural cameras and your eyes are prettier than my DSLR. 

         I wish you would look at me with proper aperture, then you would understand that my focus never strays from you. Your beautiful expressions perfectly captured using the burst mode are my prize winning photographs. 

        Though I do not like the noise your curly hair sometimes generates in my pictures, I feel the bokeh will give it a lovely effect. Your beauty, my beautiful dear, will be totally enhanced irrespective of the exposure and ISO. 

        I sincerely hope you will realize that I love you as much as I love my camera and its lens. 

Awaiting your reply,
Camera artist.


Mr. Camera artist,

       I happen to like the 'noise' my hair generates in the pictures and I suggest you not to try new effects to enhance my beauty. Also you might want to stay away from me if you do not want to become a bokeh yourself. If I find you lurking around again, I will break not just your hands but your lovely DSLR. 


I hope you enjoyed today's story. More to come each day for the next 31 days. Thank you for reading.

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