Monday, October 30, 2017

Day 31:My Experince

Day 31: Final day of the challenge

Well today is the last day of the 31 days challenge and I totally enjoyed it. Yeah! I couldn't write for the past  6 days, got too many other things to occupy my time and energy. But since today is the last day, I wanted to write something about how it felt.

I wrote short fiction in less than 700 words for my 31 days challenge. For inspiration, I used the daily prompts given by WritersWrite. They gave amazing prompts which made me think real hard.

Most of the stories were a delight to write and one day I'd love to expand those into much better and structured short stories. Hope those who've patiently read my works felt as good as I felt writing those. :)

Next year, I'm definitely up for this challenge. Till then, hope you enjoy reading the other posts of mine. See you. :)

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