Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 12: Favorite Word

Hello again! Hope you are having a good week.
Its Day 12 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge.

The prompt for toady is to write about my favorite word or I could write about my character's favorite word. But then again, I could write using my favorite word for a character. The more we think, the more ways we can interpret the prompt. No wonder, these are so popular. Time for me to activate the grey cells and come out with a short story. :)

Just a Day

"What are doing?" Mia asked Ritu who was furiously typing on the keyboard. 
"Just typing. Entering the damn data." Ritu answered as she continued to hit the keys. 

"Tell me, girl." Mia said making herself comfortable on the desk. The door to the boss's cabin was closed. 
"Argh! This is just so annoying! I'm supposed to type all this stuff in an hour. Just an hour. Imagine. I am the creative director and that silly boss thinks my job is just to type." Ritu ranted her frustration snapping the folder shut. The new boss isn't going to be ruling for long, from the looks of it. 

Hiding a smile, Mia advised her to clam down. "I just can't, Mia. Just impossible." Ritu declared fuming. 
"Let's go get some coffee." Mia announced dragging Ritu with her. 
After ordering Latte and cookies, Ritu said. "You just mark my words. In just a week I'll get this man out of there. He'll ruin the business with his attitude." 

"I agree with you. He is bad for the business. But first I want you to calm down." Mia replied sipping her coffee. 

"Ritu nodded, yet she looked like she'd murder someone. Suddenly Mia asked. "Ritu, why do you use 'just' so much in your speech? I've always been curious about it."

The unexpected question made her laugh. Thinking about it, Ritu answered. "Well, I think its just a lovely word. I mean, we can use it anywhere, anyplace to get the effect we want or I want. I just adore that word." 

Mia laughed and said. "Maybe even I'll also just start using it." 
"Okay! I'll just try and optimize its use." Ritu shot back and they laughed as they walked towards the office. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this one. Keep visiting for more stories. 

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