Monday, February 26, 2018

The Lone Ship

The image is taken from

moon rose
high, a white
pearl against the
black sky studded with
diamond stars. A ship sailed
on the dark waters, swaying,
dancing as the wind blew against
the pale sails. When the tide rose higher
the captain tried to hold on to the helm.
He fought the forces, risking his own life
to save the others, so blissfully
unaware of the rolling mist.
The fog swirled around, a sheet
of white draping itself
across the vast space,
to envelop
the lone ship
in its

The poem is written in Double Etheree style. (syllables 1-10 10-1)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Memoirs of an Eighty year Old- Episode XXVII

Episode: Medchal (Family Life & Granny)

Due to certain unexpected situations, I had to postpone the episode. (Most of you know what I'm talking about.)

Hii readers! You must be eagerly waiting for this episode to read more about granny. I’ve got it all ready for you.

So when they shifted to Medchal baby V was around a year old. Grandpa says she was a quiet child and there were no funny incidents he can tell us about her. Bad luck! ;)

As you’ve read in the earlier episode they lived in a large bungalow and like every old building it had a lot of open land. Well, you must have guessed the next part. Grandma got it weeded, ploughed and leveled. Then she divided it into sections and planted to her heart’s content. She had a mini farm of Sunflowers, Zenia, Chrysanthemums, and other flowers. She harvested, saved the seeds for future plantings, season after season.

And bingo! We have baby P in July 1965. Now granny had two kids to manage. And, also bunch of relatives for months. Yeah! They lived near to Secunderbad and had a steady stream of relatives visiting them. The big bungalow was so comfortable that the relatives stayed back to enjoy the hospitality.

There was a time when grandpa’s all three sisters, with their children, his two brothers, who were ready to get into engineering course (waiting for grandpa to pay the fees), grandpa’s mother, father, and brother’s wife all stayed with them for quite a while.

Imagine catering to so many people! They needed money and grandpa earned around Rs. 170/- or so. “It was the first and the last time I took a loan. We pledged your grandma’s chain for Rs.500/-. It was tough for us to handle the entire burden she managed beautifully. Since then we have been the center point of the family whenever they needed financial assistance, even now.” Grandpa said.

Anything more about grandma?

“Oh yes! She had some good friends here and there was a library. That’s it. She read every single book that was available in that library. We used to buy second hands books in Secunderbad, she read all those as well. She was an avid reader, apart from being a garden enthusiast. We frequently went to Sec’bad for shopping, movies and fun. We would catch the last train and head back home at night.” He replied.

And yeah! Grandma had a mini farm in her backyard. She grew pumpkins, bottle gourds, eggplants, ivy gourd, lady finger, and many more. She had her yard full of colorful flowers which she tended with love and care.

What about kids?

“Baby V was around three and she liked her younger sister, P a lot. She took very good care of her. We don’t have any funny incidents but there was one thing that happened.” Grandpa paused.

What? When? Where?

“Well you know S, right? Granny’s younger brother and V’s hubby; he came to visit us once. He was in his early teens back then. One day we went to Sec’bad to watch a movie. It’s a horror film, Ankhee. Since the last train would leave in few minutes, we headed to the railway station without watching the climax of the movie. When we reache home, he began to act strange. He spoke weird language and could not sleep well. We were scared when he did not become normal the next day. I asked my friends for help and we took him to a good doctor in Sec’bad. The doctor after listening to the entire story gave medicines and assured us that he would be fine. It took 10 days of medication for him to come back to his original state.” Grandpa replied and added. “We did not inform anybody about this incident. They would have gotten scared or blamed us for it. Thank god that he wasn’t affected permanently. Years later we showed him the same film, this time with the ending and he was normal. I think he could not bear the suspense of not knowing who then killer was and thought too much about it.”

Now this is what I call an interesting story. J Sorry uncle S, I had to put this in. ;)

So our dear grandparents went to Sailu for the next four years. Baby S, V & K were born in there. All that and more coming up in the next episode. Till then, be happy, be kind. J

P.S: The image is not from granny's garden!

Monday, February 19, 2018


The image is taken from pixabay and edited. 

Deep into the forest,
where no light could reach,
wandered a lost soul,
in search of eluding peace.

Nothing mattered anymore;
vengeance of the thorny leaves,
the hissing & screeching of animals,
or the crimson dripping from his fingers.

No majestic view could astonish him;
the fallen trees were not pitied,
the delicate blooms were left unseen,
the murmur of the brook was ignored.

Darkness bewitched him;
helpless to fight the allure,
he drifted in a trance, unaware of the
finite steps taking him into infinity.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


"You are an automaton!" She said.
"No, mom," I said. She shook her head.
She thinks I don't feel the pain;
that a broken promise,
means nothing to me.
She does not know,
I regret

This poem is written in Nonet style. The previous week's kyrielle is still under process.

Automaton: used in similes and comparisons to refer to a person who seems to act in a mechanical or unemotional way.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tiny Warrior

The image is taken from Pinterest.

I may be the size of your thumb. Remember; I can outsmart anyone. I escaped from a demon, duped a vampire, killed a zombie and I saved the prince. I could have married him, but I have no need for a husband. I am happy with my loving parents.