Monday, October 30, 2017

Day 31:My Experince

Day 31: Final day of the challenge

Well today is the last day of the 31 days challenge and I totally enjoyed it. Yeah! I couldn't write for the past  6 days, got too many other things to occupy my time and energy. But since today is the last day, I wanted to write something about how it felt.

I wrote short fiction in less than 700 words for my 31 days challenge. For inspiration, I used the daily prompts given by WritersWrite. They gave amazing prompts which made me think real hard.

Most of the stories were a delight to write and one day I'd love to expand those into much better and structured short stories. Hope those who've patiently read my works felt as good as I felt writing those. :)

Next year, I'm definitely up for this challenge. Till then, hope you enjoy reading the other posts of mine. See you. :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Day 24: Friends Meet


Its Day 24 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge and let me tell you this- the prompts are amazing! You can follow them om twitter at Writers_Write for daily prompts.

Today's prompt is to write about long distance friends who meet for the first time in fifteen years.In this age of technology where we have Skype and Video calling, one must admit it takes away all the fun and excitement of meeting a long distance friend after years. So I am going to set my story in a period when there were no mobiles phones or internet.

Precious Moments

I cannot even describe how I'm feeling right now. We have been writing letters to each other all these years and finally we get to meet tomorrow. I guess I got used to writing to you each day. Can't wait to see you in person.

"Rose! I am so excited to read that we finally will meet tomorrow. You must know that Spotty is equally excited, I am going to bring him tomorrow. And let us wear the dresses we gifted each other. I'll be waiting near the pond in the west-park. 

The Next Day..
In West-park..

Two women in their sixties squealed and hugged each other. The public stared at them, some in disbelief and others with a smile on their faces. 

"Finally! You look just like I imagined. Red looks perfect on you." Kathy exclaimed clapping her hands.

Blushing, Rose replied. "So do you, Kathy. Somehow I knew emerald green would match your eyes. Is this Spotty. He is so cute." 

The said Spotty was staring at them with his superior expression. He patiently endured their gushing and cuddling for the next few minutes. Kathy took Rose to her home and they sat giggling and eating muffins. 

"All these years we have written each other so many letters and not we have nothing to say. Strange!" Rose said stroking Spotty who was feeling at home in her lap. 

"Do we really need to talk, Rose?" Kathy asked smiling. 

Grinning, Rose shook her head. "We have spoken enough in letters. You are right. All our lives we shared so many things with each other; our joys, sorrows, troubles and wins. Now let us share this solitude for a while."

They sat in the cosy little room sipping tree and staring at the fire as the snow began to fall around them. They needed no words to express themselves, after all these years. The bond was stronger than any other relation. One accidental letter sent to a wrong address brought two women together and gave them a chance to love life again. 

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Day 23: Three View Points

Hello! New week is here!

Its Day 23 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge and let me tell you this- the prompts are amazing! You can follow them om twitter at Writers_Write for daily prompts.

Today's prompt is to describe my protagonist from three different view points. Have to find a way to weave a story around this one. 

Let Her Be

The classroom was totally silent as Lily taught her students History. It was a boring subject until she took over when the previous teacher left school. The students listened with rapt attention as she explained about world wars in her sing-song voice. 

"I wonder how she does it?" Maggie was in awe of Lily. 

"It's her looks. They stare at her and act. Of course she has a good voice as well." Emma replied shrugging like it wasn't a big deal.

"Oh! come on. If they only stared at her they wouldn't be scoring such good grades. She is beautiful, but she is also a good teacher. Maybe I'll take some tips from her and so should you." Maggie responded. She knew how Emma felt about Lily. 

Looking flushed, Emma retorted. "No, thank you Maggie. I am not interested. She might be everyone's favorite but not mine. I have a class to teach."

Maggie chuckled to herself. How she enjoyed teasing Emma. 

"You shouldn't do that, Maggie." Lily warned her.

"Let her, Lily. She deserves it. And the Principal wants to talk to you. Go." Laura added from her desk grinning.

 "She is too kind. I think we should toughen her up a little." Laura said to Maggie. 

Thinking bout it, Maggie replied. "Maybe, but again maybe not."

Laura stared at her an then burst out laughing. "Yeah!!  If she isn't this good anymore, how will Emma feel! We don't want to trouble her now, do we?"

"Exactly. So let Lily be Lily." Maggie replied and they had a good laugh. 

The above written short fiction is just a fragment of a story. It can be changed as per choice. 

Day 22: Antagonist

Hello! Happy Sunday!

Its Day 22 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge and let me tell you this- the prompts are amazing! You can follow them om twitter at Writers_Write for daily prompts.

Today's prompt focuses on the antagonist. I am to write about that one lesson which stuck with my antagonist. To be frank my stories usually do not have a specific antagonist but I need one for this prompt so why not make him/her my lead character.

Evil Never Wins

I know I haven't got much time, only a few minutes left. No matter what the doctors say, I can feel death near me. This must be how others felt as well. Now as my entire life flashes before my eyes I finally realize how right my mother was. 

"Change when you still have a chance, boy.  It will we too late by the time you learn your lesson; evil can never win." she constantly advised til her last breath. Now breathing my last, I regret not listening to her. I had a reason, a justification for everything I did. I defended my actions to an extent where nothing else mattered to me anymore. 

I was supposed to be an opportunist, surely that was as bad. I wasn't born evil neither did my mother raise a devil. I became one myself. Blaming the society is easy. trust me on that. But now lying on the hospital bed with tubes attached to me I understand what a fool I was. I was evil because I enjoyed being the devil everyone feared. It seems I have to pay for all those years with my death. Maybe this is for the better, I can never live another life. 

Mother knew this would happen when she wanted me to die with repentance. I shall fulfill her wish. I will embrace my death with this precious lesson I refused to learn until it was too late. Adieu. 

This is more of a monologue than a story, yet it is short fiction. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Day 21: President

Hello! Weekend's here! 

Its Day 21 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge and let me tell you this- the prompts are amazing! You can follow them om twitter at Writers_Write for daily prompts.

The prompt for today is to write about what my main characters would think about the President of my country. I am from India we have slightly different rules. We have a Parliamentarian form of Government unlike the Presidential form of Government in some countries. That means it the Parliament headed by the Prime Minister which takes decisions.

Also our President was elected recently, on 25th July, 2017, so I am in a dilemma as to what I should be writing for this prompt. Maybe I'll just create a fictional President as well. I am writing short fiction for this after all. Time to bring out the thinking cap. ;)

The Nosy President

Ga Ga Land has finally elected it President, The Nosy after months of discussions and debates. He was liked by majority of the Gnomes because of his ability to help others. Yet as always there were some who felt he was too interfering and thought that was because he had the longest nose in their land.  

One day a monkey reporter from animal kingdom visited their land to do a story on the newly elected President. 

"He is the best! I don't know what I would have done without his help." The old cook said as she knead the pastry dough. 

"What did he do?" the monkey asked scribbling on his notepad. 

"Well, he saved and helped me collect all the nuts that rolled away. I was carrying home a bag nuts when a naughty little fella tried to snatch it from me. Nosy came by and scared the child away. He then stayed with me to find and pick all the nuts." she replied wiping her hands on the gray apron. 

The monkey next went to the cobbler. "What do you think about your new President?" he asked ready to take notes.

Grinning, the shabby cobbler replied. "Oh Nosy! He's a good man, always ready to help. Why only last week he carried the load of coal  for me from the forest edge. My back aches, you see."

"But will be do it even now?" monkey was curious.

The cobbler waved his hammer saying he definitely would. "Nosy can't stay away, you know. Its his long nose." 

Next the monkey visited the gardener who was busy raking the fallen leaves. Before he could even ask the reply came in a series of grunts and words. "I know.. Nosy.. Good enough, I suppose. Wanted to help me once... Me! I have 40 years.. experience in my job... Told him straight... not to bother me.. can help others... they love him.. not me.. Tried to teach me... my job.. I know more... His mother should have.. cut that... nose.. when young... Pick up that leaf.."

The monkey nodded in earnest and gently added a leaf to the pile. Thanking the gardener who grunted in response he went back to his office in the cave. The article was published in the monthly Animal Ga Ga magazine. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Keep visiting for more stories. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 20: Being Followed

Hello again! Happy Weekend, well almost.

Happy Belated Diwali! I couldn't write the past two days since 19th was our Diwali festival and on 18th I was busy with the preparations, etc. 

Its Day 20 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge and let me tell you this- the prompts are amazing! You can follow them om twitter at Writers_Write for daily prompts.

The prompt for today is to write about being followed. Well usually being followed by anyone is irritating, suspicious or outright scary depending on the time and location. So what and how will be protagonist feel or react to being followed. (This will be fun ;) )

Strangers & Friends

"The weather seems better today." I commented to the waiter. 

"True, Miss. You can visit the east end today. I heard the route now cleared. Carry some water though." he replied as I drank my coffee. I nodded and thanked him. 

I walked onto the road carrying a backpack few essentials and a route map. My love for travelling made me a successful travel writer. Having the freedom to chose the places and modes of travel and a definite bonus. Smiling at others I walked along the side-path humming and whistling. 

The breakfast in a corner cafe was delicious, nothing tastes better than freshly baked chocolate muffins and strong coffee. I noticed an elderly couple siting at the adjacent table. They looked kind of familiar. Shrugging, I enjoyed my food and continued towards the valley. It had a flower garden that was a must see, the guide book read. And I wasn't disappointed. The place was pure heaven. Never in my travel I've seen so many types of plants and such vivid colors. I took hundreds of pictures and saw the same couple enjoying the beauty. Must be tourists, I thought and continued with my day's plan. 

I saw them in a tiny restaurant where I stopped for a quick bite and found them behind me in the line for the Ferris wheel. I shot 8 balls out of ten and won an elephant toy while the man hit all ten and got the heart-shaped cushion for the woman. 

By the end of the day they were beginning to creep me out. Playing tourists was fine but to find them behind me every time I turn back was disturbing. They even walked into the hotel behind me. 

"Why are you following me?" I asked them as they entered into the lobby. 

"Oh dear!" the woman said.

"Err.. Miss, we mean you no harm. I swear. Despite carrying a map with us, we got lost the other day. Today morning we heard you speak to the waiter and thought it would be good if we followed you. We kept our distance so as to not disturb you. Sorry." The man replied smiling nervously. 

I burst out laughing. Here I was planning to warn them about my nonexistent karate moves and they were trying not to get lost again. 

"That's alright. Just tell me next time you decide to follow me." I replied and we had a good chat over dinner. My visit ended with me gaining new friends. 

Hope you enjoyed reading the story. Keep visiting for more stories. 

Day 17: Favorite Age

Hello again! Happy New week.

Its Day 17 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge and let me tell you this- the prompts are amazing! You can follow them om twitter at Writers_Write for daily prompts.

Today's prompt is to write about my character's favorite age and what happened then that made the year so memorable.

Best Gift Ever

Twenty years ago on this very day my favorite aunt, Celia told me something that changed my life. It was my fifteenth birthday and I was in my room, dressed in shabby clothes, crying. Aunt Celia walked in bringing with her a lovely fragrance that belonged to her alone. 

"Iris, my child!" she exclaimed gathering me close to her. I sobbed harder and clutched her tight. She was that one person whom I loved the most. I could share anything and everything with her and she would never judge me. Others thought she was arrogant and hardheaded but to me she was an angel. 

"Tell me whats wrong." aunt Celia ordered pushing a tissue into my hand. She hated to see me cry. 

"Aunt Celia! Mom and dad think I am wasting my time drawing even when I get A's in all subjects. My classmates think I am boring and ugly, my friends say my designs are worthless. And my teachers think I am careless. Am I that bad?" I asked her blowing my nose. 

"Idiots, each one of them. And those people whom you call friends, they are useless. Don't worry about your parents I'll handle them." she replied. 

"But Aunt Celia..." I began.

"Listen to me Iris. And open this first." she said thrusting a box into my hands. I opened it to see a delicate bracelet inside. It looked familiar and when clipped it on my wrist I gasped. It was one of my favorite designs. 

Satisfied with my reaction, Aunt Celia smiled and said as she lifted my hand so that the bracelet glittered in the streaming sunlight. "This spark is inside you Iris. Never let anybody tell you otherwise. Do you know my our relatives don't like me? It is because I followed my heart instead of their words. They wanted to mold me, I resisted and fought. Now they fear me because I throw the truth in their faces."

I agreed with the last part. Aunt Celia's success made them wary. "Yes, Iris. You are who you are. Do not let anybody change you. The best return gift you can give me is to be true to yourself. Will you, dear?" she asked gently.

I nodded. I could never deny her anything. I knew this would be tough but I promised and I would fulfill it.  Now I own the largest chain of designer wear stores and belong to the top 5 famous designers in the world while she, my aunt Celia remains my favorite model and critic. My collections are named Chance Fifteen. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this story. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Day 16: Visit to a Zoo

Hello again! Happy New week. I've taken a break on Day 15.

Its Day 16 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge and let me tell you this- the prompts are amazing! You can follow them om twitter at Writers_Write for daily prompts.

The prompt for today is write about my protagonist's experience of visiting a zoo. Now this is an easy one, I think. Can't say anything until I actually start writing my story though, as I want to do something different with this one.

Zoo Talk

Mel never liked going to the zoo. She felt sad to even think of a living being trapped in a box for rest of the life. Be it family or friends she always made excuses to avoid the place, but today she had no choice. They may have forced her to do things she did not want to, yet this was one thing she stood up to. Funny how she herself had to come here. Mel had to submit an article in her college about animals in the zoo, the next day. Only if she picked another slip, she kept thinking as she purchased the ticket.

"Welcome to the National Zoo. Enjoy your visit." The caretaker greeted her with a sunny smile. Mel just nodded and walked along the path, raking her brain to create some writing material when a voice interrupted her thoughts. 

"What's wrong, girl?" she heard the Lion say in a gruff voice. Stunned she stared at the huge animal across her standing regally between the four walls of the cage. He tossed his head, in a gesture that prompted her to answer. 

"I don't like the zoo." she blurted.

"Neither do I, Mel." came the reply.

"Nor do we." the Monkeys replied looking sad. 

"You guys can talk?" she whispered as she moved closer to the cages. 

"Only with those who can hear us." the Tiger answered yawning from his cage. 

"How?" Mel asked again, looking confused and fascinated. This was the best thing that happened to her, she thought. 

"You are special, Mel. You only need to trust yourself more and be confident. Take a tour." the Lion 
replied. Dazed, she nodded and walked around the place hearing the animals encourage and cheer her.  

She felt crazy and elated. The Parrots loved her chestnut colored hair, the Snakes praised her brain, the old Bear encouraged her to express her views freely and not be intimidated by others. An hour later, she came back to the Lion's cage. 

"Go home now, Mel. You will know when to come back again." he gently said to her.

"My article?" she questioned in confusion. 

"Believe in yourself and follow your dreams. They'll teach you more." the Tiger answered and pushed something towards her with his paw. 

Mel picked it up and walked away as the caretaker approached. At home she saw that it was a charm stone. The locket hung in her neck ever after. 

Hope you enjoyed the story. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Day 14: Missing a Person

Hello again! Happy Weekend.

Its Day 14 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge and let me tell you this- the prompts are amazing! You can follow them om twitter at Writers_Write for daily prompts.

Well the prompt for today is to write about missing a person. The feelings are usually jumbled when we miss someone and also our relationship with them determines the extent of the impact they have on us. And again we could miss someone who is alive and away from us for a period of time, or someone whom we know can never be with us, or they could be in the other world.

With many options, I need to find a scenario for my short fiction to be able to rightly convey the feeling. Time to start thinking!

Pages in a Diary

I don't remember what day it is or which month this is. All they know is that it has been ten years, five months, eleven days and fourteen hours since we last met. 

I remember you saying you'll be back soon, that the distance will hardly matter; but where are you now?

I remember how close you held me, I was barely able to breathe. Yet I held you even closer when you said its only a year and you'll be with me again on the 366th day. You haven't come back till date.

I think of how your eyes glistened with tears as you kissed my forehead. I felt I was home. But you had to go, you said. "Mark my words honey, I'll be with you before you begin to miss me." you teased, coaxing a smile from me. All I am left with now are tears. You took my smile with you and it refuses to come back without you. 

Do you know how empty it is? Do you know I feel nothing except for gut-wrenching pain? It is the kind that chips away at my heart, a tiny piece at a time. I'm afraid! Afraid that one day you'll come back and won't find my heart. What if it gets completely destroyed by then?  What if you cannot collect all those tiny pieces? What if those pieces are not important for you anymore?

So many questions haunt me each day, each hour, each second. It's a wonder I'm not mad, but then again maybe I am! I that why you haven't come back to me? I promise not to be crazy. I promise I will save those chipped pieces for you. But come back soon, will you. Can you, ever?

Thank you for reading. I've decided to be deliberately vague in the above story by not giving any other details of the character. I am leaving everything to the reader's imagination. My main focus above was to bring out the ramblings on a pained heart. Hope I've done justice.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Day 13: Master Plan

Hello again! Hope you are having a good week.
Its Day 13 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge.

The prompt for toady is to write if a have a master plan. Well personally I don't know! But then again, I am writing short fiction here. In that case my protagonist can have a great or maybe not-so great plan for future.

Winter Plan

The leaves are colorful; green, yellow, orange, red and brown! The stems are bare and the earth is blanketed with leaves and nuts. Yikes! It means autumn's already here and winter is not far off. I am yet to collect my food for winter! How did the days travel so fast? 

Time to roll up my sleeves and make a plan. What do I start with? Of course. 

Clean the home----> Search for nuts----> Collect from dawn to dusk----> Store & Enjoy

But I can"t clean the house now! I am too tired from running around on the branches from morning with my friends. Friends! I can ask them to help..... Nooo... Then I'll have to help them in return and that is tough. Too bad the little human cannot help me either, he's hand wouldn't fit in my home completely. Better I do it myself. Let me plan that a well. 

Clear the floor---> Stuff into shelves----> Eat any remaining nuts----> Throw the waste outside

Meanwhile where can I find nuts this time? I had a lot of trouble stealing from that big human last season. He was so selfish, wanted all the food for himself. Uff! Now I need to find another source. Think.

Yes!! Brownie was bragging about finding some new farm nearby. Maybe I can also get my nuts from there. He said it was large enough to feed all of us. I'll go there immediately. 

Oh wait! It is starting to rain. I will just have to stay out for now. Getting drenched in the rain is not a good idea. We chipmunks do not have doctors like humans do to cure us. 

Anyway, I'll rest for now but must say, I've designed an amazing plan for winter. Time to sleep though. 

Hope you liked the story. Keep visiting for more stories. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 12: Favorite Word

Hello again! Hope you are having a good week.
Its Day 12 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge.

The prompt for toady is to write about my favorite word or I could write about my character's favorite word. But then again, I could write using my favorite word for a character. The more we think, the more ways we can interpret the prompt. No wonder, these are so popular. Time for me to activate the grey cells and come out with a short story. :)

Just a Day

"What are doing?" Mia asked Ritu who was furiously typing on the keyboard. 
"Just typing. Entering the damn data." Ritu answered as she continued to hit the keys. 

"Tell me, girl." Mia said making herself comfortable on the desk. The door to the boss's cabin was closed. 
"Argh! This is just so annoying! I'm supposed to type all this stuff in an hour. Just an hour. Imagine. I am the creative director and that silly boss thinks my job is just to type." Ritu ranted her frustration snapping the folder shut. The new boss isn't going to be ruling for long, from the looks of it. 

Hiding a smile, Mia advised her to clam down. "I just can't, Mia. Just impossible." Ritu declared fuming. 
"Let's go get some coffee." Mia announced dragging Ritu with her. 
After ordering Latte and cookies, Ritu said. "You just mark my words. In just a week I'll get this man out of there. He'll ruin the business with his attitude." 

"I agree with you. He is bad for the business. But first I want you to calm down." Mia replied sipping her coffee. 

"Ritu nodded, yet she looked like she'd murder someone. Suddenly Mia asked. "Ritu, why do you use 'just' so much in your speech? I've always been curious about it."

The unexpected question made her laugh. Thinking about it, Ritu answered. "Well, I think its just a lovely word. I mean, we can use it anywhere, anyplace to get the effect we want or I want. I just adore that word." 

Mia laughed and said. "Maybe even I'll also just start using it." 
"Okay! I'll just try and optimize its use." Ritu shot back and they laughed as they walked towards the office. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this one. Keep visiting for more stories. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Day 11: Thunderstorm

Its Day 11 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge.

The prompt for toady is to write about being caught in a storm. Personally I feel storms are amazing to write about. There is so much detail we can add, not just the imagery but the involvement of the senses can be wonderful to write and read about.

What happens when my MC finds herself in a storm? Can she handle it?

At Nature's Mercy

"I should be at the meeting by evening, at the least. Why can't I travel now?" I ask the desk clerk in the hotel I am staying. 

"There is a storm on the way, Miss. And you said your destination is forty miles away. The chances of getting stuck in the storm are very high. Our drivers are not willing to take the risk." he replied patiently for the third time. 

I knew I was annoying him, but I needed to attend the meeting. "I will drive myself then." I announced. He shook his head. They wouldn't lend the car as well. He just doesn't understand how important it is for me to be present there. I ignore his advice and head out . None of the cabs were willing to drive me out of town, even for double payment. 

I walk back into the hotel looking dejected when the manager stops me. "I understand you will miss your meeting and it is important, but you don't seem to recognize the force of this storm. If you don't mind will you accompany me to a place nearby?" she says in a calm tone. 

I think about it and agree. We set towards the outskirts in her car. She stops near a huge building and I follow her inside, praying she wasn't some crazed person. She looked efficient and controlled in the hotel. 

All the doors and windows were shut except for the one in the tower room. We stood near the window and she showed me the dark clouds rolling in at rapid speed. I stared in wonder as a brilliant white lightning struck out, followed by a terrible thunder. I felt the building tremble at little. 

"Its okay. We are safe here. Just keep watching, if you can." she answered my unvoiced question. I nodded and look out. The clouds very huge and threatening. The rain lashed its fury everywhere. All I could see was a thick sheet of rain with immediate flashes of lightning. Each one was stronger than the previous. The smell of rain hitting the earth was so strong, I wondered how I haven't noticed it before. 

The trees swayed dangerously in the wind and I was worried that they might uproot. The rain constantly changed directions and at times sprinkled on us. I was surprised how gently the drops touched us despite fury outside. The thunders scared me most. They rumbled and deep in the clouds and I trembled here. Yet I couldn't look away. No matter how many time I took a step back, I returned to the window to stare at nature's force. 

"Now imagine being stuck in that one." Her soft words chilled me. She smiled and turned back to the window. How composed she was! 

"I'm sorry for annoying all of you. And thank you for taking time to show me this. I don't think I can ever forget this experience." I replied, my voice a little unsteady.

"I always come here during storms. I enjoy these. Another few hours and it'll be over. The storm will move on to its next target. You can go to the kitchen and help yourself to some coffee. This house is always stocked." she answered. 

"Whose is it?" I asked. 

"Mine. I don't live here though. I will move in after upgrading it." she replied not taking her eyes off the rain. I stood with her unable to move away from the amazing show of nature's strength and beauty. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this one. Keep visiting for more stories. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 10: Strange Handshake

Its Day 10 already of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge.

The prompt for toady is to write about a strange handshake. We meet many people in our day to day life and when introduced we shake hands as a custom. Each person has a slightly different way shaking hands with the others. Some are firm shakes while some have sweaty palms. Others hold the hand for too long or some just touch your finger tips. 

We consciously or unconsciously judge a person by their handshake to an extent. So if my character were to come across a person whose handshake has a different effect on them what would they feel or do or say? To know, keep reading. 

The Mystery Woman

"Hello Mrs. Clyde, I am Tina the real estate agent. I have a list of houses you might to like see. When are you available?" I asked on phone. 

"Hello Miss. Tina. I am free today and I'd love see what you've got on the list. Do you mind coming to pick me at my place? My car has gone for repair." she replied in a singsong voice. I agreed and said I'd meet at in an hour. 

She lived on a quiet street in a house that looked shabby and old with overgrown garden. No wonder she wanted to buy another. Renovating this one would cost more than buying a new house. 

She was waiting for my on the porch and walked towards my car. I stared at her in surprise. Anything wrong, Miss. Tina?" she cooed. 

Shaking my head, I replied. "Nothing, Mrs. Clyde. You look beautiful. And please call me Tina." 

She flashed me a smile and I saw a dimple on her left cheek. We started towards the first house on the list. I got back to my normal state after the initial reaction. She was truly beautiful with peaches and cream complexion and soft wavy silver hair. From her voice I thought she would in her fifties but she turned out to be in her seventies. Yet she stood straight and glided like a queen. There was something different about her. Well she was harmless enough. 

For the next three hours I showed her five houses, all of which she rejected. "Show me something that appeals to your senses, Tina. I am not interested in market value. Think of a house that catches your heart." she said to me finally. 

I thought hard and decided to show her the house that no one else was interested in. It wasn't modern and was located on the outskirts. I drove her there as she sat silent. I noticed that she wasn't interested in gossip and thanked my stars. Some clients just cannot keep their mouth shut. 

"Do you mind me asking what you do, Mrs. Clyde?" I asked her on the way. 

"I don't mind you asking. I am a naturalist. I write papers on plants and herbs." she replied winking. 

Then I realized why she did not care for all the previous houses. They had no garden. We reached the destination and as I showed her the place, her eyes sparkled like emeralds. 

"I'll take this one. The price doesn't matter, Tina. How soon can you get the papers ready?" she bubbled in enthusiasm. 

"In a day. Are you sure?" I asked. She nodded and we started back to her house. She invited me in but I declined saying I need to go to the office and contact the owner. 

"Next time, have some tea and cakes with me." she said and I agreed. We shook hands and I had the strangest feeling ever. 

Her hand was soft and smooth, but there was also some power in it. It wasn't any physical thing but I swear I felt a flash of something flow through my arm as we shook hands. I stared at my palm when she asked, "Anything wrong, Tina?" 

"No, Mrs. Clyde. I'll meet you tomorrow with the papers." I replied and sat in the car. As I drove I could she her wink at me in the mirror. 

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Day 9: Random acts of Kindness

Hello! Its Day 9 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge.

Today's prompt is to write about random acts of kindness. I could write a few about the ones in real life, but I chose short fiction as my main theme for the challenge and I am sticking to it. Continue reading to find out how my character reacts to and feels about such things. 

A Pleasant Surprise

It was the best day of my life, or the worst if I were a cynical person. Yet I was completely surprised by how random strangers were ready to help me. 

First I was stuck in a traffic jam and was getting late for my exam. Some sudden urge prompted me to at a look at my hall-ticket which escaped my fingers and flew towards the pavement. I couldn't even get down from the taxi, it was surrounded on all sides by vehicles. Then my first angel in the form of a ten year old kid appeared. He caught the paper and brought it to me. When I thanked him he offered me a chocolate and wished me luck. 

Then seeing my tensed state a motor biker offered to give me a ride to the examination center. Though I was skeptical, I agreed and he dropped me safe at the center and wished me luck. 

I totally aced the test and thanked the stars for sending me help at the right time. I felt now it was my turn to help someone in case they needed. I was almost home when the elderly neighbor called my name. I turned to greet her. She wanted to know if I would care to accompany her to the super market. Her rheumatism was acting up again. Well, I had a better idea. I told her I would bring all that she needed and she could rest at home. The smile she gave me was the best I've seen for a while. 

It took me more than an hour but I got everything she wanted. She was waiting for me with a plate of choco chip cookies and chilled lemonade. We sat taking and eating for some time and I realized how happy we both felt. It was then I decided that I would do my best to be aware of my surroundings instead of being completely engrossed in the mobile phone and missing such beautiful moments.

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Day 8: Train Ride Gone Bad

Welcome to the new week of October. I am participating in the 31 Days Challenge and this is probably the first time I've written each day for an entire week (Excluding Camp NaNoWriMo).

I am using the daily prompts given by Writers Write to inspire me write short fiction each day. Day 8 being Sunday, I decided to take a break from typing. I wrote the story on paper and am posting it the next day, along with the story of Day 9.

Now the prompt here is about a train rode that ended badly. I love train journeys and personally, I haven't got any bad experiences. But prompt has to be considered, so here goes my story.

Bad Luck

Ufff! That was close, I mean real close. Thankfully it wasn't one of the latest trains or I'd have been squished between the doors. No, I am not joking. I way I had to vault myself into a moving train, a cheerleader would have beamed with pride. 

I hope I can relax now, a little until I reach my destination, Silver Lake. My parents live there and I travel each day during this time to attend the Annual Festival. And I always go late, not after the events are over but after the inaugural. My mother heads the committee and you can imagine her ire when year after year I end up not attending her speech. 

I was determined to make it on time and that is why I brought the ticket in advance. But the meeting at my workplace and the stupid traffic almost made me miss the train. No worries now, I can truly relax. 

What is this! I am dead! I got into the wrong train. The ticket collector comes along, checked my ticket and casually informs me that I got into wrong train. My train left the station a few minutes before this one. In my hurry I haven't checked which train I wasn't getting into and this is a non-stop. That means I have to wait for four hours till this one reaches the destination and then catch another. 

My mother is going to kill me this time. I promised her I wouldn't disappoint her again but no luck. I sat muttering to myself ignoring the pity glances and glares directed at me. Pity because I missed the right train, but glares I have no idea why. Maybe I looked like I'd strangle anyone who tried to even talk to me. 

I tried to call my mother and tell her but guess what? No, the battery isn't dead, she switched off her mobile. Dad wasn't picking up calls either, he must be at his work. I left messages on the landline hoping she'd be back home and listen to those soon. 

After four horrible hours, no my mother hasn't responded yet; I get down at Blue Valley and its getting dark, only to find that the last train to Silver Lake left half an hour ago and I will either have to wait till tomorrow or I'll have to get a taxi. And there's more. Taxis are hard to find in this town, so I'll just have to wait till I come across one. Talk about Bad luck!

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Day 7: Protagonist Avoids Limelight

Hello again! Its Day 7 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge.

Today's prompt is to to write about why my protagonist avoids limelight. 
This is quite an interesting prompt and at this point of time I have no idea what I'll be writing next. 
Guess you will have to continue reading to find out what I finally made out of this one. :) 

The Invisible Hand

"You will need to come this time, Mrs. Sky. Please don't deny." the fifty year old manger who has been handling everything for the last twenty eight years pleaded.

Shaking her head, the woman dressed in peach colored cotton replied. "You know I cannot come, Rick. We've had this discussion before." Her voice was as soft music. 

"I know, Mrs. Sky. But it has been a long time. You have been doing so much to the organisations. They need to know who's helping them throughout." Rick implored. 

With a sigh, she stood and walked towards the window. She seems so fragile since the last time I saw her, Rick thought. He was concerned for her. 

"No. You will represent me as always. Things will be better this way. And don't argue Rick." she declared. 

Rick knew it was useless to talk to her. So he inquired about her health instead. "You look pale, Mrs. Sky. Are you sure you are feeling well?" he asked his voice filled with concern.

She smiled and patted his head. "I am fine, for my age. You can hardly expect me to be looking pink as an apple at eighty. Susie here takes very good care of me and I listen to her, even if I don't like it sometimes." Grinning, Rick asked her to take care of herself and left. 

Mrs. Sky sat on the window sill, overlooking the lake. This lake had pale green water, the color of her husband's eyes. How she missed him! It has been thirty years since he died, on that fateful evening which changed her life forever. 

The woman who was the center of attraction in any event now lived as a recluse with her only maid and caretaker. Her eyes blurred as the incidents played in front of her eyes. 

It was their wedding anniversary and they chose to host a huge party in their country house. The media was excited about the party and gave their viewers regular updates. Her husband was city's top business magnet, after all. The party was in full swing and the guests were enjoying when there was a sudden blackout. 

Screams were heard and in less than three minutes, the lights were back. But it was too late by then. Her husband lay in pool of blood with a knife stuck in his ribs. There was chaos and everything seemed to move in slow motion. 

He was rushed to the hospital but the media and paparazzi instead of helping them only delayed their progress. The doctors pronounced him dead and her life shattered. 

Two days later the press meet after his funeral was the last time she faced the camera. She announced that she forgave the killers for their act but the law would take its course. What else could she say when the very people who worked her husband killed him because of a misunderstanding. She packed her stuff and vanished, to live in this secret house which no one knew about. It was the wedding gift form her husband. 

She continued his works, his charities, appointed trustworthy people to handle stuff and keep her updated. She funded numerous start ups, donated to various organisations, would never go back to the normal world, she vowed. The media searched for her and gradually forgot her for which she was eternally grateful. 

Only that day if they came here instead of throwing a party, he would have been alive, she thought as she wiped a tear. 

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 6: Favorite Chair

Hello again! Its Day 6 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge.

Well as you can see below the prompt for today is to write about my favorite. Now I cannot do that because I do not have any favorite chair! So what do I do? Simple, I create a character who has a favorite chair.

My Prized Possession

After almost more than four months of constant nagging by my mother I finally decided to climb up the attic and clear all the junk I saved since I was two years old. That means I have spend at least a fortnight or even more to sort of the stuff. With my penchant for saving every thing tiny I like, I am sure the attic would be cramped. 

Damn! The dust here is so suffocating, I'll have to climb up and open the skylight. Sigh! 

After Three Hours...

Oh my! I found it! This is my most favorite and lucky chair since I was three years old. My grandma gave it to me on my birthday saying that a princess like me deserved a right chair to sit on. It was a simple wooden chair with intricate carving on the high back and a soft velvety cushion on the seat. 

It was a mini replica of the William & Mary Chair and I feel in love with it. For years I sat only on that chair; we carried it to beaches, campfires and family holidays. I even took my afternoon nap in that chair, much to the distress of my mother. 

Then my brother was born and I chose the chair over him. Oh! I enjoyed playing with him until he did not start demanding to sit on my chair. We would fight and I won always. But then one day, he won and I knocked him on his head. Poor fellow, he still has the scar I gave him that day. 

It was after the fateful incident, that my father decided to donate my darling chair to someone. And the result, I cried and cried and got myself sick. He relented a little and my chair was shifted to the attic.  

I used to silently climb upstairs and sit on it when others were busy in their work. But as years passed by, my priorities changed and so my visits to the attic became rare. Now I am home after eight years and it has been almost thirteen years since I last saw my chair. 

It sat proud in a corner of the attic, covered in inches of dust. It took me another hour to clean it completely. I sat gingerly testing its strength, but the caution wasn't necessary. My chair was still strong and comfortable. Okay, not that comfortable but I can sit on it without falling down. 

Taking it downstairs, I proudly display my prized possession. My mother sighed as my father laughed and my brother glared. Looks like he hasn't forgiven me for knocking him, yet. Well no worries, I'll let him sit on it tonight, if he wants to. 

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 4: Kinds of People

Its day 4 of the 31 days challenge.
As I was going through my twitter I found a daily prompt by Writers Write. They have prompts posted for each day separately as well apart from the one I was following. So for today I thought why not use this one.

Of course since I am writing short fiction I may not be able to actually explain the kinds of people, but I thought I could write something funny.

Icecream Vs Salad

"Hey! no one eats ice cream for breakfast. Its not healthy." Sally frowned at her sister, Iccy. 
"It is healthy." Iccy countered as she licked the yummy butterscotch ice cream of her spoon. 

"Haa.. Yogurt is healthy, not this. Anyway, we are already late for the class, go change and come." Sally said as she sipped her lemon water. 
"What class?" Iccy asked scratching her spoon at the bottom of the tube to scoop out the remaining bits. 

Sally sighed and said. "Yoga and Zumba class, Iccy! You promised you would join form today."
Iccy looked stricken as she racked her brain to get out of this situation. "No excuses this time. Go change into your yoga pants. If you spend money buying those you have to use as well." Sally warned her.

One look at her sister's face told Iccy that she hasn't got a chance of escaping. Sh dragged herself out of the chair and walked into her room. 
"Iccy! Will you come out or should I break the door?"  Sally's voice boomed on the other side. Iccy jumped from the bed and ran to open the door. She knew her sister wouldn't hesitate to break the door. 

Sally marched ahead while Iccy crept behind her. Turning into a snail was an appealing thought. They drove in silence until they reached the place. It was a lovely looking building with beautiful graffiti of various dance forms on the wall. After introducing Iccy to the dancer, she went to join her group of dancers. She was an expert dancer.

Iccy copied the movements of the dancer automatyically but her mind was focused on how to avoid the 'healthy foods' Sally would next shove into her mouth. 

"Iccy! You have great moves. Must be in your blood. You just have to keep dancing." the dancer smiled and said to her. Iccy blushed and danced. She always loved to dance, like her sister. She wasn't as fat as Sally thought she was either. 

After two hours of dancing they left the studio when Sally wanted to stop for breakfast when Iccy refused. She waned to get back home. Her sister can eat her salads all day but she needed proper food. She was exhausted after all the dancing and felt that a good scoop of ice cream would soothe her soul. At home Sally continued to lecture about the goodness of greens while Iccy devoured her vanilla ice cream.

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