Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Memoirs of an Eighty year Old- Episode VI

Episode VI- Grandpa and Whatsapp

Hi readers. This episode is all about Whatsapp. Yes, you read it right. It was some fifteen months ago when grandpa was first introduced to the advantages of having a smart phone i.e., being in constant touch with his widespread family using technology. Sure he had an iPad and used Skype but that was the extent of his technological usage.

Well he was seventy eight years old when the grand kids urged him to buy a new mobile. He was assisted and taught the basics of using the smart phone. The app was downloaded and explained to him. That's it. Now he is almost always on his phone sending and forwarding posts to us, much to the irritation of our darling grandmother. Any new post, be it a joke, a quote or a video, he immediately tells or shows it grandma, even when she doesn’t want to listen!

I get my daily dose of posts as well. The day feels kind of unfinished if there is no forward from grandpa. He naturally gets doubts sometimes regarding certain functions of the app or about some new features in the mobile phone. But he doesn't hesitate to ask us and understand about it. I just love how much eager he is know more about the technology instead of bluntly finding fault with it. Also he encourages others of his age to learn the basics at least so that they can also enjoy chatting with their people. 

There were quite a few times when I explained things to him and showed him the procedures of certain functions. He never hesitates to ask again and again if he doesn't understand. That attitude of his is something I always admire. 'Never give up on things that initially do not make sense. Things can be understood with effort.'

Grandma sometimes complains about grandpa checking his Whatsapp messages even in the middle of the night! Well when the family is spread across the globe in different time zones one needs to be online 24×7. Don't you think so? :) 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Love of an Umbrella!

On a busy rainy evening,
people walked around,
crossing the puddles on the street,
umbrellas in their hands and
warmth of home in their minds.

One umbrella travelling West,
fell in love with another, travelling East.
'Unite us, Oh dear God!'
prayed the umbrella, hoping for
a Happy Ever After.

The wind blew fierce
The rain grew heavy
The umbrellas flew 
 away from the clutches,
to come together on the rainy street. 

Paintings by Mrs Ratna Pochiraju