Friday, October 21, 2016

The Memoirs of an Eighty year old- Episode IV

Episode: The Coolest Grandma

So far I have presented the Grandpa’s version of things. Now I am introducing his soul mate, his wife, my grandma; a very loving, sensible, practical, efficient and a strong woman.

Grandma was 14 yrs when she got married to my then 20 yr young grandpa. A year or two after the wedding she went to live with her husband and in-laws, a huge joint family. Then owing to grandpa’s job in the Indian Railways they moved to various places in the central and south India. I will tell you the details of their wedding and then lives in the coming episodes. (It is going to be super fun reading those :) )

As a mother of five daughters, a grand mamma of a handful of grandchildren and a great-granny of two girls she is one busy woman who is loved by all. Her no-nonsense attitude combined with a very rational approach and dry wit makes her a favorite. Though I am officially not family, I am always treated like one by her and grandpa. *Touch wood*

Belonging to a traditional, orthodox, Hindu- Brahmin family I expected her to be a rigid and stern women with predefined preferences; but she turned out to be so different! It took me a hour meeting with her to realize that she is her own woman who believes in flexibility of thought and an easy-going attitude. It has been two years since I’ve met them; my new grandparents, and they surprise me with their compassion and loving nature.

Grandma is one of those rare humans who do not preach equality, instead practice it in their daily lives. Grandpa of course is the same. Here are the two generous souls we hear and talk about.

My granny feels she doesn’t know much about the world! The truth is far from it as you might have already guessed from what I wrote. She sees all and has a very real understanding of the society we live in. It comes from observing people and their behavior without actually judging them for their lapses. The more time I spend with her he more I learn about her way of looking at things. I do not have to add that I totally like it and I am trying by best to follow it. Personally loving the detective stuff helps me, I guess. The detached view of situations is so important in this world.

It is going to be a little tough to write her versions of instances for she doesn’t seem to say much, especially when I ask. But I will definitely add bits of her opinions and comments in my coming episodes.

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Solitary Leaf

Lying in the shallow water pool
barely rippling the surface,
looking brown and wrinkled,
waiting patiently for its friends to join,
thought the solitary maple leaf:
"My end is the beginning of new life.."

Painting by Mrs Ratna Pochiraju