Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heaven and Earth

She lay so still
on the flower bed,
just like the pebbles
at the bottom of the river,
her hair flowing like
the dark ripples of water
scented by the fragrance
of the freshly rained earth...

She lay there gazing
at the stars in the sky
with two most beautiful
blue -colored pebble eyes,
her perfect strawberry lips
smiling in satisfaction.
She held a wand in one hand
waving it to and fro
over the flowers, the river,
towards the trees, the animals...

She lay there
for the rest of the night...
The sky lightened and
she rose to her feet
like a cool breeze blowing,
sighed that she had to leave now,
fluttered her wings
and flew into the sky...

She was an angel
who flew from Heaven
to the Earth
to immerse herself
in the beauty that was
nowhere else found
in the Universe...

And here we are
trying all possible means
to destroy the most precious beauty
that does not exist even in Heaven....