Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Memoirs of an Eighty year Old- Episode XVI

Episode - The game of cards

Hello again readers. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the episodes. 

All of us like to pass time in different ways and the favorite game of our grandpa and grandma is the game of cards. All those who are familiar with the Indian families know that almost every household has at least one or two sets of playing cards. The family members sit down during evenings or nights to indulge in more than a game or two, especially when relatives are around.

Grandpa and grandma love to play for a while with me in the evenings when I visit their home. But as in everything else they have totally opposite ways of approach and application. Grandma likes it casual while grandpa is competitive, very much in fact. 

Also when grandma follows simple rule of "throw what is unnecessary", grandpa tries so many combinations that it confuses me at times. Not to worry though he never gets confused but takes quite a while to select or reject a particular card and we can hear grandma saying, "How much time are you going to take for this simple thing? We get bored waiting." 

And grandpa answers still debating his move, "Don't rush me. This is a complex game and I need to focus. If you rush me I might end up losing."

This continues throughout the game and I can't help but laugh at their banter; it’s just so endearing. But there are instances when grandpa plays faster and he complains playfully about how grandma never complements when he isn't taking time to decide his moves.

During the game they sometimes tell me a few stories about their family members. There is one particular grandchild of theirs who is more competitive than grandpa himself. "He just doesn't like to lose. We have to keep playing until he wins at least once. Once he messed up the cards because he wasn't winning." Grandpa said laughing at the memory.

A small, silly game brings out the memories of good times. That is what life is all about, I guess. It's about finding happiness whenever and however we can, without hurting others.

Meet you again in the next episode, till then.. Be happy, be good. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Memoirs of an Eighty year Old- Episode XV

Episode: Viewpoints

Hello again readers.. I am back with today's episode in which I am going to try to show the different viewpoints of grandma and grandpa.
Grandpa is an optimistic to the core and grandma is a realist. The writer in me thrives on optimistic stories while the person in me understands the realistic view. So it's a win-win situation. ☺

When we were casually talking about the relationship in the olden days, Grandpa feels that getting married at a younger age serves as a foundation for lasting relationship. "I feel that when you get married as a young person you know that there is some one waiting for you, so one who belongs to you and to whom you belong. So even if both are not together initially there is a feeling of bonding between them which serves as a foundation." 

Grandma doesn't agree with it. She says, "Not everyone feels the same. Some people take others for granted and do not value the relationship. There are a number of men who took the wrong route once they left their homes. They lost sense of right and wrong. They only hurt their families and messed up things for themselves and others. We cannot conclude based on our feelings alone. The wider view of the world has to be considered."

Now you do you guys understand what I was writing about at the beginning? This combination of optimistic and realistic view kept the entire family together and bonded. The strength to face anything and overcome it came from this team of two people. They not only held the fort safe and protected but also flew the flag high.

I end this episode saluting their partnership in which both are equal partners. Meet you again in the coming episode. Tell then, let's take inspiration from them to build strong and meaningful relationships.

Meet you again with another interesting episode. Till then, Bye.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Lone Tree

The air blew cold,
the sun took a vacation,
the river began to freeze,
as the raindrops
turned to snowflakes.

The birds flew away,
leaving their nests empty,
insects left for their homes,
as the snowflakes
stuck to the ground.

The flowers began to wither,
grass seemed to turn white,
trees began to stoop,
as the glistening snow
blanketed the earth.

Yet stood a lone tree,
holding the snow on its branches,
its reflection bleak in the thin ice river,
as another lonely bird
came to say goodbye, till they meet again.

Painting  by: Mrs Ratna Pochiraju