Friday, February 19, 2016

Another Spring Night

On an April evening, after a mild shower,
ancient silence surrounding the place..
Power cut! These are the days with nothing modern,
the familiar dusk-light of childhood days envelopes us.

The sprinkle of sunlight on the tree tops
from across the beautiful blue sky,
the droplets of sunlight hanging on tender leaves,
threatening to fall on the playing children.

A silken sheet of twilight appears,
the full moon begins to rise towards the apartment tower,
only to slow down midway & settle on the wall,
as though responding to an unseen signal.

An unknown mix of emotions,
excitement & uneasiness, not knowing what to do,
to speak or not to speak, tensed & happy
is the moon, as if meeting its favorite one.

The moon sensing its own turmoil,
decides to rise slowly, over the stairs,
onto the terrace, throwing waves of silver light,
with houses resembling boats, another spring night has begun!!!

Free Translation of a Telugu poem by Sri Vadrevu Ch Veerabhadrudu