Monday, January 24, 2011

Twinkling Star...

Under the twilight sky,
Upon the brown earth,
Near the river side,
On a pebbled bed,
Lay a girl-
with tears flowing from her eyes,
racing with the river.

The pain if the pricking pebbles
did not  seem to bother her,
as the pain of the squeezing heart.
 She lay there, by the river side
waiting for her love- her life.

It has been days,
she feared- her promise was broken,
she feared- how she could live...
And the Tears flowed and flowed,
the more she feared,
the more they flowed.

There was no "she" without her love,
days passed, weeks passed, years passed,
each day she came
waited by the river side,
feared and cried and still waited...

And then the final day came
she cried and cried and cried
and waited, but then!
she left-
left the river side,
the pricking pebbles she lay upon,
the brown earth that held her,
and joined the twinkling stars above!!!

But still she waited for her love
to come in search of her
and its been centuries she's waiting 
daily near the same flowing river,
as a Twinkling Star...