Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Day 24: Friends Meet


Its Day 24 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge and let me tell you this- the prompts are amazing! You can follow them om twitter at Writers_Write for daily prompts.

Today's prompt is to write about long distance friends who meet for the first time in fifteen years.In this age of technology where we have Skype and Video calling, one must admit it takes away all the fun and excitement of meeting a long distance friend after years. So I am going to set my story in a period when there were no mobiles phones or internet.

Precious Moments

I cannot even describe how I'm feeling right now. We have been writing letters to each other all these years and finally we get to meet tomorrow. I guess I got used to writing to you each day. Can't wait to see you in person.

"Rose! I am so excited to read that we finally will meet tomorrow. You must know that Spotty is equally excited, I am going to bring him tomorrow. And let us wear the dresses we gifted each other. I'll be waiting near the pond in the west-park. 

The Next Day..
In West-park..

Two women in their sixties squealed and hugged each other. The public stared at them, some in disbelief and others with a smile on their faces. 

"Finally! You look just like I imagined. Red looks perfect on you." Kathy exclaimed clapping her hands.

Blushing, Rose replied. "So do you, Kathy. Somehow I knew emerald green would match your eyes. Is this Spotty. He is so cute." 

The said Spotty was staring at them with his superior expression. He patiently endured their gushing and cuddling for the next few minutes. Kathy took Rose to her home and they sat giggling and eating muffins. 

"All these years we have written each other so many letters and not we have nothing to say. Strange!" Rose said stroking Spotty who was feeling at home in her lap. 

"Do we really need to talk, Rose?" Kathy asked smiling. 

Grinning, Rose shook her head. "We have spoken enough in letters. You are right. All our lives we shared so many things with each other; our joys, sorrows, troubles and wins. Now let us share this solitude for a while."

They sat in the cosy little room sipping tree and staring at the fire as the snow began to fall around them. They needed no words to express themselves, after all these years. The bond was stronger than any other relation. One accidental letter sent to a wrong address brought two women together and gave them a chance to love life again. 

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