Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 3: Bicep

Its Day 3 of the 31 Days Challenge for which I am using the prompts given by Writers Write to write short fiction each day of this month.
Today's prompt is 'Bicep' and dear google gave me two major results.

One is some Northern Ireland electronic duo band about which I have absolutely no idea.
Second is of course the upper part of the arm. If I were a fitness freak I would have probably written an essay about the exercises and all but, lets not get into that now. Sigh!

I put on my thinking hat and from it came this short story.

The Gym Talk

Buzz... Buzz... Buzz...

"Why is there so much noise? This place sounds like its raided by a mosquito swarm! Shut up everyone." the instructor shouted.

The students looked at each other and giggled.

"What's funny?" he wanted to know.

The students shook their heads and tried to look serious. It wouldn't help to annoy their short-tempered teacher, they knew it by experience. Though he weighed less than a milligram he was very fierce.

"You there.... Thin fellow, come here. I want you to try and hang from this using a single arm. It will strengthen biceps." he explained to the perplexed students. The 'stem' was nothing more than a thread that hung between two dried twigs.

The 'thin fellow' gulped and mumbled. "Can you show once sir, please?"

"Alright. Now watch me carefully." he replied and swung onto the thread. He hung there for few seconds when he lost his balance and had to fly away. The murmur among the students started again. 

Buzz... Buzz... 

"Quiet!" he roared and there was sudden silence. He gestured for them to start practicing and the students reluctantly flew towards the 'stem'. It was tough but they managed to do as he instructed. 

An hour later...

A few had snapped arms and a few ended with torn wings. The instructor finally left announcing that he was getting late for his party. The students heaved a sigh of relief even as they whimpered in pain. They promised never to come back again. The mosquitoes thought it was better to get killed by a human for sucking their blood than be killed while exercising! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this one. Keep visiting for more stories.

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