Monday, October 2, 2017

Day 2 : Elementary

Hello again friends!

Welcome to the day 2 of the 31 Days Challenge. The prompt for today is 'Elementary'. I am using the prompts given by Writers Write to write short fiction for each day of this month of October 2017.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the word was Sherlock Holmes. I am totally obsessed with Holmes. ;) But how do I use it to write my fictional story? I haven't tried fan-fiction before so I need to write something else.

Okay! so elementary can also mean the elements of Nature in a border sense but that is more suited to poetry, I feel.

What else then? Elementary can be something basic or simple and fundamental. This sounds good, right? So its time to get the grey cells working. (I love Christie as well.)

Ant's Breakfast

Argh! Its dawn already . People think that because I am an ant I am ever active. They are wrong. I hate mornings. Well, I just hope I'll get my coffee or breakfast at least today. The human who lives with us is very strict and it is near impossible to do as we please as long as she's home; good that she has a job. 

But do you know what the problem is? The entire family follows me each time I go out. This is how we get spotted and killed. Sigh! I keep telling them to maintain distance but the eager ones don't listen, ever. 

Enough of my rants, time to get some food for the tummy. I an smell the sugar down here in the basement. Mouth watering! 

Golden rule: Always poke the head out before stepping to see if the path is clear. Never trust the humans. 
So it is clear and here I run all the way. Believe me, it is much safer to run than crawl. 

Uff! I... am... brreathhlesss... but I reached the kitchen counter. Now for the second stage I have to climb up! Why should these things be so high, why? 

Ahhh! I feel so dizzy. Let me rest for sometime here in this corner. The human is right there staring at that thing her hand. What do they call it? Yes, a smartphone. I heard that thing has a game in it where the humans kills us for fun. Yikes! Bad humans. 

Anyway, a few steps more... almost there.... I reached. The sugar tastes yummy. I am going to hide among the crystals in case the human decides to look at me. A few minutes more and I'll have to go back carrying some of it for my kids. They are too young to hunt for food on their own. Now do you understand how difficult it is for us ants to survive in this world?

Hope you enjoyed today's story. Keep visiting the blog for more. :)

P.S: I am posting Day 1 & 2 on the second day because my PC gave up on me after linking with the site.

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