Saturday, April 17, 2010


Red is the Sun glowing,
White are the Clouds floating,
Warm is the weather outside,
fresh is the Spring air,
Yellow is the Mother earth,
Brown are the trees now
colored by Green dots of tender leaves.
But Alas! the heart is depressed inside
it is weeping with agony
the pain which can neither be seen
nor felt by others!

People wondered! how could
someone be so sad in a season as such
but what are they to know about a Heart!
that beats and keeps her Alive:
Only to hear that voice,
Only to feel that touch,
Only to look into those eyes,
Only to smile at that face,
Only to hold that hand,
and above all
Only to love that loving innocent Heart...

And suddenly neither was the heart
nor was the love;
the innocent heart could Betray
the loving eyes could Cheat
the words were False
the hand left her Forever...

This was what that was done to her...
a Broken Heart- Forever,
whose only mistake was to love,
to love with a pure heart,
to expect nothing but Love,
to live only for love,
to Cry for love,
to love the Love,
and now left- to die devoid of Love!!!

What justice does the Nature call this!
How can the Nature not feel the Pain!
How can the Nature not react!
how can the Nature be so cold- hearted!
It cannot and will not be Silent,
So the nature takes its Revenge
in the way no one can ever imagine!
and even before people knew what happened
the end had occurred-
nothing was left, everything Destroyed!!!

And then no one ever dared
to hurt a loving Heart-
All her children were happy
and so was the Nature...
But deep inside her heart
was the Pain of losing a Lovely Child!!!