Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Memories, Words & Poems

In the strings of letters,
are my meaningless thoughts,
what if...
they get lost, like an innocent child!
I just hope they are safe,
to come back to me as a beautiful poem.

If writing a poem was a dream,
I would gladly fall asleep
closing my eyes tight to dream,
again and again & again,
on every dawn of my life.

In the memory fields,
the seeds of letters don not grow easily,
and bear the fruits of poems...
The words are squeezed,
from depths of the heart,
and then comes, a beautiful poem.

The words I write now,
trying to fit them on this sheet,
are the lessons I am learning,
from the greatest teacher, life.

No matter how fast the words tumble,
and how bizarre they are,
the words reflect my thoughts, my memories...
Maybe that is why,
the poems of my childhood,
have whisker'd letters.

Letters and words are just like us,
the more in a group,
the more noise they make.
For me, poetry is...
that hidden part of me,
I didn't even know existed!!!

Free Translation of a Telugu poem by Dr. Virinchi Virivinti Sharma