Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 10: Strange Handshake

Its Day 10 already of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge.

The prompt for toady is to write about a strange handshake. We meet many people in our day to day life and when introduced we shake hands as a custom. Each person has a slightly different way shaking hands with the others. Some are firm shakes while some have sweaty palms. Others hold the hand for too long or some just touch your finger tips. 

We consciously or unconsciously judge a person by their handshake to an extent. So if my character were to come across a person whose handshake has a different effect on them what would they feel or do or say? To know, keep reading. 

The Mystery Woman

"Hello Mrs. Clyde, I am Tina the real estate agent. I have a list of houses you might to like see. When are you available?" I asked on phone. 

"Hello Miss. Tina. I am free today and I'd love see what you've got on the list. Do you mind coming to pick me at my place? My car has gone for repair." she replied in a singsong voice. I agreed and said I'd meet at in an hour. 

She lived on a quiet street in a house that looked shabby and old with overgrown garden. No wonder she wanted to buy another. Renovating this one would cost more than buying a new house. 

She was waiting for my on the porch and walked towards my car. I stared at her in surprise. Anything wrong, Miss. Tina?" she cooed. 

Shaking my head, I replied. "Nothing, Mrs. Clyde. You look beautiful. And please call me Tina." 

She flashed me a smile and I saw a dimple on her left cheek. We started towards the first house on the list. I got back to my normal state after the initial reaction. She was truly beautiful with peaches and cream complexion and soft wavy silver hair. From her voice I thought she would in her fifties but she turned out to be in her seventies. Yet she stood straight and glided like a queen. There was something different about her. Well she was harmless enough. 

For the next three hours I showed her five houses, all of which she rejected. "Show me something that appeals to your senses, Tina. I am not interested in market value. Think of a house that catches your heart." she said to me finally. 

I thought hard and decided to show her the house that no one else was interested in. It wasn't modern and was located on the outskirts. I drove her there as she sat silent. I noticed that she wasn't interested in gossip and thanked my stars. Some clients just cannot keep their mouth shut. 

"Do you mind me asking what you do, Mrs. Clyde?" I asked her on the way. 

"I don't mind you asking. I am a naturalist. I write papers on plants and herbs." she replied winking. 

Then I realized why she did not care for all the previous houses. They had no garden. We reached the destination and as I showed her the place, her eyes sparkled like emeralds. 

"I'll take this one. The price doesn't matter, Tina. How soon can you get the papers ready?" she bubbled in enthusiasm. 

"In a day. Are you sure?" I asked. She nodded and we started back to her house. She invited me in but I declined saying I need to go to the office and contact the owner. 

"Next time, have some tea and cakes with me." she said and I agreed. We shook hands and I had the strangest feeling ever. 

Her hand was soft and smooth, but there was also some power in it. It wasn't any physical thing but I swear I felt a flash of something flow through my arm as we shook hands. I stared at my palm when she asked, "Anything wrong, Tina?" 

"No, Mrs. Clyde. I'll meet you tomorrow with the papers." I replied and sat in the car. As I drove I could she her wink at me in the mirror. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this one. Keep visiting for more stories. 

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