Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Day 23: Three View Points

Hello! New week is here!

Its Day 23 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge and let me tell you this- the prompts are amazing! You can follow them om twitter at Writers_Write for daily prompts.

Today's prompt is to describe my protagonist from three different view points. Have to find a way to weave a story around this one. 

Let Her Be

The classroom was totally silent as Lily taught her students History. It was a boring subject until she took over when the previous teacher left school. The students listened with rapt attention as she explained about world wars in her sing-song voice. 

"I wonder how she does it?" Maggie was in awe of Lily. 

"It's her looks. They stare at her and act. Of course she has a good voice as well." Emma replied shrugging like it wasn't a big deal.

"Oh! come on. If they only stared at her they wouldn't be scoring such good grades. She is beautiful, but she is also a good teacher. Maybe I'll take some tips from her and so should you." Maggie responded. She knew how Emma felt about Lily. 

Looking flushed, Emma retorted. "No, thank you Maggie. I am not interested. She might be everyone's favorite but not mine. I have a class to teach."

Maggie chuckled to herself. How she enjoyed teasing Emma. 

"You shouldn't do that, Maggie." Lily warned her.

"Let her, Lily. She deserves it. And the Principal wants to talk to you. Go." Laura added from her desk grinning.

 "She is too kind. I think we should toughen her up a little." Laura said to Maggie. 

Thinking bout it, Maggie replied. "Maybe, but again maybe not."

Laura stared at her an then burst out laughing. "Yeah!!  If she isn't this good anymore, how will Emma feel! We don't want to trouble her now, do we?"

"Exactly. So let Lily be Lily." Maggie replied and they had a good laugh. 

The above written short fiction is just a fragment of a story. It can be changed as per choice. 

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