Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Day 11: Thunderstorm

Its Day 11 of the 31 days challenge and I am using the prompt given by Writers Write to help me write for this challenge.

The prompt for toady is to write about being caught in a storm. Personally I feel storms are amazing to write about. There is so much detail we can add, not just the imagery but the involvement of the senses can be wonderful to write and read about.

What happens when my MC finds herself in a storm? Can she handle it?

At Nature's Mercy

"I should be at the meeting by evening, at the least. Why can't I travel now?" I ask the desk clerk in the hotel I am staying. 

"There is a storm on the way, Miss. And you said your destination is forty miles away. The chances of getting stuck in the storm are very high. Our drivers are not willing to take the risk." he replied patiently for the third time. 

I knew I was annoying him, but I needed to attend the meeting. "I will drive myself then." I announced. He shook his head. They wouldn't lend the car as well. He just doesn't understand how important it is for me to be present there. I ignore his advice and head out . None of the cabs were willing to drive me out of town, even for double payment. 

I walk back into the hotel looking dejected when the manager stops me. "I understand you will miss your meeting and it is important, but you don't seem to recognize the force of this storm. If you don't mind will you accompany me to a place nearby?" she says in a calm tone. 

I think about it and agree. We set towards the outskirts in her car. She stops near a huge building and I follow her inside, praying she wasn't some crazed person. She looked efficient and controlled in the hotel. 

All the doors and windows were shut except for the one in the tower room. We stood near the window and she showed me the dark clouds rolling in at rapid speed. I stared in wonder as a brilliant white lightning struck out, followed by a terrible thunder. I felt the building tremble at little. 

"Its okay. We are safe here. Just keep watching, if you can." she answered my unvoiced question. I nodded and look out. The clouds very huge and threatening. The rain lashed its fury everywhere. All I could see was a thick sheet of rain with immediate flashes of lightning. Each one was stronger than the previous. The smell of rain hitting the earth was so strong, I wondered how I haven't noticed it before. 

The trees swayed dangerously in the wind and I was worried that they might uproot. The rain constantly changed directions and at times sprinkled on us. I was surprised how gently the drops touched us despite fury outside. The thunders scared me most. They rumbled and deep in the clouds and I trembled here. Yet I couldn't look away. No matter how many time I took a step back, I returned to the window to stare at nature's force. 

"Now imagine being stuck in that one." Her soft words chilled me. She smiled and turned back to the window. How composed she was! 

"I'm sorry for annoying all of you. And thank you for taking time to show me this. I don't think I can ever forget this experience." I replied, my voice a little unsteady.

"I always come here during storms. I enjoy these. Another few hours and it'll be over. The storm will move on to its next target. You can go to the kitchen and help yourself to some coffee. This house is always stocked." she answered. 

"Whose is it?" I asked. 

"Mine. I don't live here though. I will move in after upgrading it." she replied not taking her eyes off the rain. I stood with her unable to move away from the amazing show of nature's strength and beauty. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this one. Keep visiting for more stories. 


  1. I have fond memories of sitting on our covered porch eating ice ream while watching a thunderstorm... What a wonderful display of God's power!
    Bri from

    1. That was have bee amazing! Frankly I've never seen a thunderstorm before. Thank you.