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Monday, April 1, 2019


Let the tears flow, darling
There is no weakness in emotions. 
So what  
If the world weighs you down
If the oceans sink you deep 
If the universe swallows you whole?

You are still here 
Breathing, fighting, surviving;
One day at a time, 
An hour a minute, 
A second a breath,
Pulsing around you, within you.

The fight isn't over yet;
You haven't given up, honey.
There it is-
The world to conquer,
The oceans to swim 
The space to float high 
The words to say, to repeat, to establish
That you wouldn't walk away defeated.

Not now, not ever
Not until you win, you stand tall
Not until the tears turn to smiles
Not until the thorns are flowers
For, you are Aparajita, the undefeatable. 


  • This is the first poem for the A-Z Challenge. 
  • I'm going to try and use the alphabet of the day as the theme of my poem. 
  • Aparajita is a flower also known as Asain Pegionwings or Butterfly pea. It comes in two colors, blue and white. 
  • The word Aparajita means undefeatable. 


  1. A poem, well put for the word. Powerful. :-)

  2. A poem, well put for the word. Powerful. :-)

  3. Wonderful poem, Srivalli! I think it's one of the favorites I have read so far this year. And I think from now on, when I feel like giving up on a project, I will just say, "Aparajita", and remember you poem all over again! My A post is in process, as I'm visitng blogs/bloggers in the "A" category and writing a little bit about their posts.

    1. Thank you so much, LuAnn!
      Your words are such a boost for me.
      Oh my, that's an amazing and time consuming project you chose for this challenge.
      Hats of to your patience.

  4. A poem that suits its name, indeed.
    (And I learned a new flower!)
    Happy A-Z'ing.

    1. Thank you so much, Jz!
      Wish you the same.
      *off to read your blog now* :)

  5. loved the forcefulness in the tone of this piece, Srivalli.

  6. I really enjoyed the sense of confidence and determination you conveyed in this piece.

  7. I find myself very moved by the line "Not until the thorns are flowers." Just lovely.

  8. I felt like I was floating on water with a magical sheath in between which was not letting me drown. Good job !

    1. Thank you, Shreya!
      That was the image I had in mind. A warrior woman. :)

  9. So what
    If the world weighs you down
    -- I like how this set the mood

    he words to say, to repeat, to establish
    --This line I enjoyed the beat like an excited heart