Monday, November 27, 2017

Kiss of Rain

I came across a site, YeahWriteMe that hosts weekly challenges for poetry, fiction, non fiction, etc for bloggers.

Going through the site I found this week's challenge open and decided I would take part. It is not just random participation though. We got to get the challenge logo (read code) in our blog and show that we are the participants of that particular challenge. Then we have to add the link to the post in the website grid allotted for this particular category.

Each blogger can submit one entry per grid, meaning I can submit only one poem but I can participate in the non-fiction and micro prose as well. Interesting, isn't it?

I didn't need much time to think, it would be poetry for me. :) So I went ahead, added the image and then read the challenge.

This week's challenge (it'll be open until thursday morning 8 to participate) is to write a cascade poem on any topic or using the prompt they give. Here is the link: Weekly Challenge #346

Cascade poem is something I haven't tried before. It is a style where we use the lines in the first stanza as a the last lines of the consecutive stanzas. Yeah! I know it sounds confusing. Just read the poem I've written and you'll understand what a cascade poem is.

I am not using the optional prompt they provided and I'm sticking to one of the paintings by Mrs Ratna Pochiraju. I have been wanting to write for this painting since the day I saw but, somehow I could never get any proper idea; until yesterday. :)

Kiss Of Rain 

The tiny plant gazed at the sky,
dark and full, it was ready to burst,
the clouds showered their love,
and the rain drops kissed the grass.

On the carpet of grass,
stood a taller stem,
with eight leaves and two fruits,
the tiny plant gazed at the sky.

Up and high above the land,
as far as eye could see,
the sky loomed threatening,
dark and full, it was ready to burst.

Bless me with rain.
the plant asked,
as the grass chorused, and 
the clouds showered their love.

The sky opened its gates,
as the rain rushed below,
tickling and teasing the plant, 
and the rain drops kissed the grass. 


  1. I don't know how to give good crit to poetry (it is FAR from my area of expertise), but I can tell you that your imagery was lovely and concrete. I got a little confused with when and onto whom the rain was falling, as it seemed to start at the beginning, but the plant with 8 leaves was still asking for rain, and then the rain seemed to start (again?) in the last stanza. It could be that I don't know how to interpret poetry! And I completely own that shortcoming. :) What I *can* say for certain is that your poem left me with a sense of peace and love and belonging, and that is worth an awful lot these days. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to comment. I am so happy that the poem could make you feel good. It makes me a winner already!
      This is actually my first attempt at writing a new style of poetry and I might have messed it up a little. Hopefully I'll learn soon. :)

  2. What a delicate cascade of rain ;)
    I really loved the personification of the plant when it asked for rain. You had a lot of "s" sound which sounded like soft, misty rain.

  3. I also felt this rain was soft vs a downpour. Words like kissing and tickling led to this imagery.

  4. I enjoyed the sibilance of this cascade poem, which reinforced the sensory memory of rain hissing as it hits parched earth. I was a little confused over the timeline however. Had you intended the first stanza to be a summary of the events (which works since it talks of the progression of a downpour)?