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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

IBMC #01: The Cool and The Fool


So I start my first challenge and I've got to write my opinion on any one of the topics given in Day #01. It has to be around 100 words with a single line summary at the end.

The topics are all interesting, you'll see that if you have visited the link (please do) and I chose to write about 'The Cool and The Fool' mostly on instinct.

I started with a paragraph but ended with a poem! One lesson I learned was not to write on such topics immediately after getting off twitter. Sigh!

I was in two minds to change it and write another but decided against it.

Presenting my poem:

If you are my friend;
You say apple, I say take mine.
You want help, I waste my time.
You are argue your point, I agree with a smile.
You have opinions, I only follow yours.
If you are my enemy;
You say mango, I say it is blue.
You want help, I mess it for you.
You argue your point, I deny its existence.
You have opinions, I abuse your right.
After all, I am a fool who thinks I am the 'cool dude'.

The line between being cool and a fool is no more visible!

I know, I know and I am so sorry for this pathetic poem. I have written pretty good ones, I swear. You can even read those here.

But if you still want to dare and read the next posts (which will be a lot better), please visit this Main Post which has links to all the ten days of challenges.