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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto

Hi again!

Nice to see you here. The challenge for Day #02 is to write the memories associated with a picture or just describe it. Now this is easy, isn't it? I have like loads of pictures to choose from and I can write whatever I feel like about it. ;)

My first thought was to go for my absolute favorites, the sunsets, and the clouds. But then I already have a series, The Eternal Sky on the blog related to that. (Yes, I am promoting my blog.)

So what do I choose? My next favorites, of course, are farms and fields. I love to take pictures of the rich green lands which shine like emeralds.

After going through the dozens of pictures, I chose the above one. Just see how cute it looks. :) 
This was taken in the Siddipet district in Telangana on a hot Saturday afternoon. Yeah! We, as in me and my parents were on the way to a temple when I saw a stretch of rich paddy fields shimmering in the sunlight. I wanted to stop and take pictures but then decided it would be better to do that on the way back (I can spend more time taking pictures). 

Even as you look at the picture, you might realize that it does not do complete justice to the original sight, despite my photography skills. ;) I was itching to touch one blade, pull it and bring it home with me, but I resisted. It is not proper manners, especially when the owner is nowhere in sight. 

All I have to do is close my eyes, and I can feel the hot sun burning my skin as I stooped, bent, swayed to take pictures of the emerald land from different angles. 
What else can I call it, anyway? The water reflected sunlight onto the tender rice saplings which shine like ninja blades (bad comparison!). Just looking at the vast fields makes one realize that this isn't just food for the tummy, it is a treat for the eyes, an elixir of the soul. It is a work of art where nature and humans come together to create it. 

I am ending this post, and if you want to read other posts as well (of this challenge), please visit the Main Post

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  1. That's a pretty picture! :-) I an definitely relate to the memories.. :-)