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Thursday, November 30, 2017

IBMC #03: Risk a Random Challenge


We are into the Day #03 challenge and this one is all about going for the random stuff. I have got to write ten sentences that have absolutely no connection to each other and make a story that has no sense. Interesting isn't it. Why waste time, then. Let's get started. ;)

The Random Ramblings

It has been so long since I read a Christie book! Isn't pink supposed to have a dozen shades in it? Only if people had enough sense to follow traffic rules. Can't we give voodoo dolls as birthday gifts? When was the last time you ate ice cream, yummy! Does my twitter handle have 280 characters yet? Finger painting sounds so cool until we try to understand what we drew. Editing apps are as important as a camera. It would be interesting to see how people react to stories with weird POVs. Why am I not a millionaire already!

Lol! Seriously no one would call that a story! But yes, it was fun writing it. In case you decide to read the other posts as well, go to the Main Post.