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Thursday, November 30, 2017

IBMC #04: Haiku

Hello again!

It is time for Day #04 challenge and this one is actually simple. The post gives five haiku options from which I've got to choose one and work on it.

I could interpret it, extend it or write a new one in relation to it. I chose the first one and no, I am not giving any interpretations. I am writing a new haiku in relation to this one.

Haiku is essentially a seventeen syllable poem written in three lines, with 5 words in the first line, 7 in the second line and 5 in the third line. Or a shorter version has 3, 5, 3 words like the prompt given.

Haiku 01
expressions of face
happy sad angry frown shy
face is the index

So I am writing the same shorter version.


Depth of eyes
Spark freeze wink flash glare
Soul's windows. 

And it's done. :) Simple, right? To read the other posts of this challenge, please visit the Main Post.


  1. That was turned out beautiful! I like the middle line. That has depth. :-)