Thursday, November 30, 2017

IBMC #07: The News and Paper


So we are into the Day #07 challenge and for this I have to write my opinion on a topic or article I choose from the news. It could be anything, I just have to tag along the link to the article or post a screenshot for reference.

Now this the the topic I choose to write about. I will be frank and say that I haven't been really that into the central politics for a long time. I also belonged to a pretty secular set until I actually started to notice the difference in the news we were being shown on the television and the numerous version I got to read in Facebook and Twitter. Added to it was how some people in Facebook began ranting and abusing against Hindus and Brahmins despite them being Hindus themselves and enjoying the benefits of reservations. That was when I took twitter seriously searched for the right handles to follow and began to track the trend of MSM. 

It did not take me long to notice how the content posted by certain people in Facebook who have some sort of following and the content that was tweeted by the politicians and others in the centre was similar. In fact it was same stuff, in different languages. 

Coming to the main post, there was a mess about RG signing a declaration as non-Hindu and the Congis showing a picture of visitors book to prove otherwise. Then suddenly came this man (I have no idea who he is) and declared that RG was not just a Hindu but a Janeu dhari hindu. I was so stunned reading the post that I did not know if I should be angry or laugh it their stupidity. 

For those who haven't understood, janeu dhari is a brahmin, janeu being the jandyam or the yagnopavetam (I will not call it a thread). The party that has since long being accusing the ruling party of being communal and using caste to divide the citizens is using the same religion and caste to declare RG a suitable candidate for PM of the country. 

From calling Hindus as terrorists to becoming a janeu dhari Hindu RG has truly come a long way in just a matter of few days. (The magic of Gujarat elections!) His party members could kill a calf in public (Kerala) to show this protest and the man is claimed to be a Brahmin! 

My only question here is how can a person whose grandfather is a Parsi, whose mother a Italian Catholic become a janeu dhari Hindu? Do the Congis think we Indians are such fools that we will blindly believe anything they say (just because some puppets actually do)? How can they talk about removing caste-ism when RG can be no one less than a janeu dhari Hindu? Why can he not be a normal Hindu (without caste) or even a Catholic?

The latest being Kapil Sibal who suddenly changed his track and declared the PM as non-Hindu while RG comes from an apparently pure linage! 

I could go on and on but I will end it here. In case you do not agree with my views you are welcome to stop reading and exit the page. I do not tolerate abuse. 

If you do read the entire article and wish to read more posts of this marathon, visit the Main Post.

P.S: I usually draft my posts a day in advance, hence any last minute updates may or may not be posted. 


  1. Ha ha.. Media and Social networks lately is a complete mess!