Monday, April 30, 2018

The New Room

The image is taken from Google.

My heart swells with love
as sunshine fills the room.
The faint smell of new paint,
a balm to my tingled nerves.

The walls were bare,
patiently awaiting the arrival
of chubby hands to make them
the best canvas on earth.

Yellow lace curtains danced
as the spring breeze wafted through
blowing the tendrils of my hair,
making a giggle like a child I carry.

The new empty cradle stood steady,
confident to safeguard the baby.
The rainbow cushions and silk blankets
grinning at me, eager to hug the newborn.

Sleepless nights and tired mornings
put a blush on my cheeks.
A load of chocolates I relished
sweetening the discomfort of swollen ankles.

Dark circles make my eyes glow
as the smiles and mutterings fight to win.
I can hardly see the ground,
my eyes only for the tiny red socks.

Sinking into a soft chair,
I sigh as the baby kicks, again.
Eight more weeks before I hold
a precious bundle of joy in my arms.

Oh! How I yearn,
uncaring the fatigue and pain.
Every second that passes,
takes me closer to my dream come true.

The prompt is to write a poem expressing an emotion without naming it. The POV is a first for me. I hope I've done justice to it. 


  1. I liked how elements of nature reminded her of her future with her child and how the furnishings bought awaited the baby just as excitedly as the narrator. There are a few phrases that fall into cliche, for instance, "a precious bundle of joy" and "put a blush on my cheeks."

    1. Thank you, Nathan. I do seem to be falling into the cliches trap! I definitely need to work on that.