Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Memoirs of an Eighty year old- Introduction


The life in 21st century is so different and complicated compared to the 20th century. I say complicated and not advanced because despite all these technological inventions and facilities we have, we are always stressed out and so bus in our robotic routine that we hardly have time for ourselves let alone others.

So I got an idea to ask my Grandfather, by relation, to tell me about his childhood and growing years. He has seen the changes and increasing complexities in living conditions since late 1930’s. I am going to make a series of the random incidents and situations he tells me which are an integral part of his life. And knowing my Grandmother I am sure we’ll get to know some real funny incidents; she is totally a practical, rational and strong willed woman I’ve ever met.

The incidents I post may not be in any particular order as they tend to pick a random subject and relate the past. I’ll try my best to be exact with the translation (from Telugu to English) of the names and words used for certain things back then.

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