Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Memoirs of an Eighty year Old- Episode X

Episode- Our Granny

There have been demands to write more about our dear grandma and this episode is about her. I have already given an introduction about her in the previous episodes and here is the link.

It is a little tough to write in detail about granny's opinion on things. Mostly because she doesn't say much when I ask her. I have to listen and store her words in my personal hard drive (my brain) when there is some random discussion and write it down later in a chronological order. And also because her opinions are very straight forward and to the point. But from now I will definitely try and add more about her.

In the family I noticed that grandma is the anchor ⚓, the support system and the stabilizer. She is the heart and soul of the family. She is the source of grandpa's strength and he not just knows it but proudly accepts it. 

 Once when we were teasing him about how he does what she wants, he explained to us. "I don't do what she says. I do what I want. But what I want is what she feels. So ultimately I do what she thinks, because it is what I want as well." Now, has anyone heard anything more romantic?😉

Our dear grandma has a strong influence on all her children and grandchildren whether they notice it or not. It is a part of their lives. Her love isn't vocal but it is ever present like the air around us. Her love is not freely given, it has to be earned by being a honest person, having a good and a kind heart. It is earned by being truthful to self and others. That is what she taught her kids and grand kids.

So meet you again in the next episode. Till then, be happy, be kind.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Memoirs of an Eighty year Old- Episode IX

Episode - College Life ����

Hello readers! Today we are virtually travelling into the 1950's when our dear grandpa topped his school in the SSC final examination. Now he had to continue his studies and there were no colleges anywhere near his village.

Luckily there was a new intermediate college that was started an year ago in a village called Chirala. It was at a good distance from grandpa's home which meant he had to either change two trains or three buses to reach the Centre if his education. So it was decided that he would stay as a paying guest in one of a local's houses. Thus settled he shifted to a new place and began to attend classes in the VRS(vutukuri Ramayya Shetty) college.

But now there was another hurdle for our grandpa to cross. Studying in a telugu medium school that had nothing more than the basics of English, it was initially very tough for him to understand and follow the classes. He says it took him the entire first year of intermediate to get hang of the language and use it.

"I worked double as hard the first year. Trying to understand something I know nothing about was very tough. I kept pushing myself and finally I succeeded. The second year was comparatively easy for me and I topped the final examinations."

"Money also was a problem for us. We are a big family of five sons and three daughters to our parents. My father was a part of the Indian Independence struggle. He went to jail for taking part in the Salt satyagraha. We had no money left with us except for the land and farm. Farming was our only livelihood and the result depended entirely on the weather."

"My elder brother worked very hard to support the family. He made sure I went to college to study further. He was the one who got me admitted in the Engineering college despite the financial crunch. I will always be grateful for his support." Grandpa said to me when we were discussing about it.

Then came his Engineering course which was for four years. It was during this course that our lovely couple, �� grandpa and grandma got married. That story is for another episode of course. Till then, keep smiling.

P. S: Isn't he handsome.. ��