Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Myra's Wand

The image is taken from Google. 

“Do you have anything to say in your defense?” The wiry man with overgrown inky hair asked her.

“Yes, my lord.” Myra murmured peeking at the members of the High Order.

“You may proceed.” The man stepped to a side.

“I plead forgiveness, my lords. My little magic never hurt a being. If you do feel that I crossed the line, I request for another chance to make amends.” Her voice had the right note of apprehension in it.

The four members looked at each other and nodded. The wiry man, a representative, spoke. “Please step into the circle, young wizard.”

Myra obeyed wondering what it was. Her emerald green eyes shone with curiosity. But she remained silent. Her mother would be furious. Despite her repeated lectures, Myra did get the attention of the High Order. It was not a good thing.

Light from the crystal above shone on her. The room looked like a giant crystal ball with rainbow colors twinkling from all sides. Myra wondered if she could take a picture using her mobile. 

“Wizard Myra, please hand over your wand.” The man stretched his hand.

“But…” She looked puzzled. The stern expression on their faces left her no choice. She quietly took out a chopstick from her handbag and placed it in his hand.

“Thank you. Now, the Order speaks.” The man gestured.

An old man with apple-colored cheeks and round belly spoke. “Wizard Myra, the magical power always comes with responsibility. You have used the magic to do your homework, put a frog in your classmate’s dress, tripped an innocent boy, and stole a brooch from a jewelry store.”

Myra looked sheepish. Maybe she went a little overboard in using her powers.

“Even if we ignore those as a teenager’s silly indulgence, we cannot overlook the incident that led to a lost opportunity for a young man.” He continued.

“I never troubled any man, my lord.” Myra blurted.

Another member spoke. She looked at least five hundred years old. “You do not know the consequences of your actions, Wizard Myra. You only thought you were advancing the time so that you wouldn’t have to bear with your chemistry lecture. But, you interfered with the universal clock.”

Myra looked appalled. She twirled her wand thrice and pushed the time by ten minutes.

The apple cheeks man spoke again. “Many people got confused, missed buses, almost had accidents because the traffic signals jammed. And most importantly, a young man lost his only chance to get his dream job because his interview time got lost in your magic.”

“I had no idea, my lords,” Myra mumbled.

“We see that. You have not bothered to listen to your mother’s instructions. Not once did she misuse her powers.” The lady said.

“I apologize, my lords. I will never do such a thing again.” Myra vowed.

“Yes, Wizard Myra. We will see to it that you will not. The Order forbids you to use your powers.” They ruled.

Aghast, Myra blinked her tears. What would she do without her magic? “Please, my lords.”

They shook their heads. “If you prove to be worthy of your powers, you will receive them when you turn eighteen. The Order has spoken.”

Myra stared helplessly as the wiry man broke her wand. She was nothing without her wand. It was only four months ago on her sixteenth birthday that she became a wizard. Her mother tried her best to train Myra. She should have listened instead of taking the powers for granted.

With her head bowed, Myra let her tears fall. The place turned dark for an instant. In the next second, Myra found herself in her room.

She sat on the bed staring at her reflection in the mirror. The musical tune of her mobile phone startled her.

“You are late. Come soon.” Her friend scolded.

Myra looked at her watch and rushed out. She was late for the party. Running out of the house, Myra pulled the stick that held her hair together in a messy knot. The wavy locks flowed down her shoulders. She twirled it thrice. Nothing happened.

“You cannot fool the High Order. Your punishment remains extended for another three years. The real wand in your hand is of no use to you.” A voice spoke from above.

Cursing, she rushed to the nearest stop. She missed the bus by half a minute. With no taxi nearby, Myra walked back home. The wand a mere chopstick in her hands.  


  1. You blended the prompts well, Sri. I was hoping people would go the magical route when I assigned the prop. I liked that your story was set in modern times with cell phones and buses. Those details added interest for me. Some of the language in the beginning (thrice, my lord) had me thinking this was a fairy tale set way back, so the mention of buses and phones surprised me. Maybe inserting a modern detail with the first judge might establish the world a little sooner.

    1. Thank you, Nathan. :)
      I'll do that. I've got some words to spare.
      Thanks for the tip.

  2. I liked the setting of this and the realistic teenager with magical powers. It was a nice twist that she tried to trick them one final time with the chopstick. One little thing - I wondered if you meant make amends instead of amendments?

    1. Thank you, Margaret. :)
      Yes, I should have seen it.
      Edited though. :)

  3. You really established your MC's character well. I knew exactly who she was the minute she thought about taking a picture of the room. This was a fun story to read.

  4. I appreciated that your main character was very flawed and you leaned into that so heavily throughout the story. I especially liked the way she held onto the real wand even after being doled out the punishment. I struggled at the start. I would have liked to know the number of people and the setting a little bit more from the start.

    1. Thank you, Lily (I do hope it's your name)
      The setting, yes. I thought to gradually ease into it. Glad you liked it. :)