Friday, January 6, 2017

The Memoirs of an Eighty year Old- Episode VII

Episode VII: The Anniversary Month

Happy New Year, readers! I am going to start this year with not just New Year celebrations, but also with the Anniversary celebrations. It is our dear Grandpa and Grandma’s sixty first wedding anniversary month. Yeah! 61 years of marriage, acceptance, friendship, love, laughter, arguments, adjustments, companionship, comfortable silences and understanding.

The cute couple got married when they were too young to understand completely what marriage actually meant, but that did not hinder their relationship. They learnt many things in their journey together, the proof of which is seen in the atmosphere in their home. The place they live is not just a house, it is a home.

No relationship is perfect, but the determination to keep the relation healthy and strong needs both the individuals involved to equally contribute and care for each other. There has to be a balance to sustain the hardships life throws at them. I have seen this balance in their marriage. I agree that I know very little about their personal life, but what I know for sure is the unspoken love for each other. The very love that weaved together their children, grandchildren and even outsiders like me.

Their banter is my absolute favorite. Grandpa’s funny statements and grandma’s practical yet cheeky replies make you feel like this is the best stress buster ever. Are you sad, stressed or angry? The best solution is to spend some time with this lively couple. I promise you will definitely feel better.

The other day grandpa was telling me. “I told your granny that she is looking good in this saree today.” I asked why such sudden compliment. “Well they keep sending messages in Whatsapp about complimenting and taking care of wife, so I thought to try it.” Okay, that’s nice I thought. “But do you know what she said? I was expecting her to say ‘thank you’ but she told me it has been long time and I need to get my eyes checked.” He said chuckling. Now what do I say to that! I only hope that their love for each other continues to be the same forever and ever.

See you again in the next episode, readers. I have decided to post two episodes each month from now. So there will be double dose of interesting stuff to read. Happy reading. 


  1. Very nice and true's couple should learn how to love each other from the older couples..

    1. Thank you for reading.. It's time to understand relationships better, i guess.