Monday, April 23, 2018

The Prediction

The image is taken from Google.

Dark clouds rolled in
as the wind threatened to
blow the kingdom away into
the realm of unknown.

The earthen lamps fought
trying to hold on to
the flicker of yellow light
with all their might.

The queen’s cry of anguish
unheard in the roar of a thunder.
Yet the old women stood alert
ordering the maids for hot water.

The king paced in his chamber,
altering between praying and cursing.
his beloved was in labor
and he was helpless to ease her pain.

The ministers were anxious,
the guards curious, the maids busy.
Priests sat with their scrolls open,
assessing the future of the land.

“It’s time.” They murmured.
A look of approval on their faces.
The king stared at the lashing rain,
the queen gripped her amulet.

Lightning flashed across the sky,
its glare turning people blind.
A shrill cry pierced the night,
and the queen sighed in content.

“A healthy child.” The old women smiled.
The elated king announced presents,
hurrying through the hallway
 to meet his dearest family.

The storm passed soon after,
Leaving behind no damage.
“The child is our lucky mascot.”
The citizens declared in glee.

“Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury,
Mars, Venus, and Moon.
Saturn, Rahu and Ketu,
all in their strongest places.”

The priests declared,
showing the horoscope of the newborn
to the king who marveled
at the serenity of a sleeping baby.

“Strong as the earth,
soft as the breeze,
beautiful as fire,
placid as water.”

“She would save the land,
she would rule it with dignity.
The land would prosper,
as long as she smiled.”

The prediction came true,
A new law was established.
The princess is now the king,
and the kingdom had the blessings of Nature.

The prompt is to incorporate into your story/poem one or more of the Seven Classical “Planets,” that’s the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and/or Jupiter. You can find more info here.
I've given the poem an Indian twist. 


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  2. I love how you brought in everyone in the castle working to bring this child into the world. And I thought your integration of the prompt felt natural; I wouldn't have guessed it was the prompt. I would have liked more details to visualize throughout the poem.

    1. Thank you, Nathan. :)
      I'll try to get a few more details.